Refunding airplane ticket

When can I get the price of the ticket back?

If your flight is cancelled, you can claim compensation under 261/2004 EC Regulation, but also claim the ticket price back under the 261/2004 EC Regulation.

Am I eligible for the compensation and reimbursement of the ticket price?

If at least part of your planned journey was within the EU, you are most likely eligible. Contact us, and we will check the eligibility of the compensation under 261/2004 EC Regulation, and also the claim for the reimbursement of the tickets.

Airlines say that the flight was cancelled due to force majeure, and the airline has no responsibility to pay for me!

Airlines sometimes falsely claim force majeure to tackle the responsibility and avoid payment of the compensation. They are doing this, because no exhaustive list of extraordinary circumstances exists, and they hope that passengers are unaware of the court decisions. Why should you still contact us?

  1. We can refute the false arguments of the airlines
  2. It is possible that there is an underlying force majeure, but there is no sufficient connection between the force majeure and the cancellation
  3. You may be still eligible for other payments.
  4. You are still eligible for the reimbursement of the price of the ticket – regardless the extraordinary circumstances.

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It is force majeure, then what?

Although you are not eligible for compensation (still, have it checked with us!) in this case, you can have your ticket price reimbursed (check it here!), and also you are entitled to receive food and hotel paid by the airlines.

Do I have to accept vouchers?

No, absolutely not! You can accept vouchers (or other types of credit) if you want, but you are entitled to get full cash refund, and also get cash refund for the other expenses incurred.

The expected delay is more than five hours, and I don’t want to travel anymore, can I get my money back?

Yes, if you don’t want to travel anymore, you are entitled to the compensation, and also the reimbursement of the ticket prices under the 261/2004 EC Regulation.

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