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We, at Flight Refund have always been keen on developing strong and positive partnerships across the travel ecosystem. To provide a seamless experience for travelers, we need all players to collaborate. We at Flight Refund believe to play a key role in facilitating this collaboration.

We all need to work together to build and re-build trust for travel and we all need to showcase our duty of care for our precious travelers. We have been launching new products and services for our B2B Partners each year. Since the pandemic started in Europe, in 2020, we have launched not 1, but 3 new products – reacting in a super-fast speed to what our business partners need now, in these unprecedented times.

Since flights have been cancelled on a daily basis, we need to showcase our care and commitment for our travelers more than ever before. We are ready to support the travel industry in the novel task of re-building trust for flight travel again.

What do we provide for our Partners?

We at Flight Refund have been constantly investing in new technologies for our B2B Partners and we have created Flight Refund Travel Solutions, dedicated for Business Partners. We strongly believe in Automation, Efficiency and Growth.

What does it mean for our partners?

We provide an automated process for our B2B partners, without the hassle of manual reporting, data crunching, manual interventions and notifications. We have developed a portfolio of solutions, to suit the different IT environment of our partners. We can customize and we can adapt. Would you like to know more? Please contact us here

RefundGO service is now available in the IRIX Travel Booking System

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What does it mean for our partners?

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1. Are you a Travel Agency / Travel Management Company?

With our automated solutions, you can provide a pro-active service for your travelers.

You can identify if any of your travelers had a disruptive experience and you can notify them about their rightful compensation. You can do this without any manual workload, all automated. And what is even better? Providing this extra service for the traveler is free of charge for you.

If you are ready to do more, you can earn additional revenues as well. Selling Flight Refund Premium Services to your travelers, you can earn additional ancillary revenue as well. This is quite important in a year of declining travel numbers.

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We found that those people who are starting to travel now, are more open than before to buying additional services, especially if this offers a peace of mind for the case of flight cancellations or flight delays. For more details on our Partnership offer and our Flight Refund Travel Solutions, please contact us here

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If you are rather focusing on saving cost by restructuring internal operations, and still keeping a positive customer experience, we are also offering outsourcing services. We can provide a complete package of outsourced activities, working on past customer services backlogs or future customer services claim handling.

For a customized offer on an outsourcing package, please ask for a consultation here

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2. Are you a Corporate, with substantial employee travel?

We see how Corporates are feeling now… you would like your employees to start traveling to speed up some critical projects, however you would like to make sure they are safe, they feel safe and they feel motivated as well. Employee happiness is key to achieve efficient business travel with the desired outcomes.

For a complete service, we can provide you a customized offer, involving the Travel Management Company that is servicing your company trips. For individual offer on our part, please ask for a consultation here

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3. Are you a Travel Technology Provider?

We would like to work with you. I am sure you understand our keywords of Automation, Efficiency and Growth.

Please contact us for an individual discussion to identify the potential areas of cooperation.

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4. Are you a Travel Blogger?

We would like to work with you. Please contact us to discuss how we could support each-other and Become our Affiliate

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