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Here we collected all the answers for frequently asked questions relating to compensation claims.


Can I submit a claim if I missed the connecting flight?

Yes, you are entitled to compensation if your missed connection caused you to be
over three hours late at your final destination with an alternative flight offered by the

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Can you enforce a claim against airlines declared bankruptcy?

In such cases, we are less able to guarantee success.

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How can I submit a compensation claim for a minor?

In case of a minor passenger a statement from a legal representative is also required
therefore the personal details of the representative shall be given.

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How much compensation can I receive in respect of intra-Community flights of more than 3500 km?

Passengers whose flight were delayed by 3 hours or more are entitled to compensation of maximum EUR 400 for all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometres.

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Do I have to pay success fee if I have an EUB insurance?

If you have EUB travel insurance, we will pay you 100% of the compensation in the
event of a successful claim process.

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What shall I do in the event of denied boarding? Am I entitled to compensation?

Yes, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important to have a proof (ie. a record
signed by the airline) that the bording was denied against your will even though you
checked in at the gate with a valid boarding pass and travel document, suitably sized
package(s), in proper travel condition at the right time.

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What currency do I receive the compensation in?

The transfer will be made in EUR, but will be converted into the currency of the bank
account you provided.

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When is my claim ready to be submitted to the airline?

Your claim is ready to be submitted when the contracts filled in correctly and duly
signed have been returned to us either by uploading them to your case or sending
them to [email protected]

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Can an infant (2 year-old or below) get compensation?

If you have paid for your baby's ticket then your baby is entitled to compensation.

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Can I get a compensation if I had a free ticket?

This Regulation does not apply to passengers travelling free of charge therefore in
this case you cannot claim compensation.

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Who is entitled to the compensation (the person who paid the flight ticket or the passenger)?

EC Regulation is about the rights of the passenger who suffered the problem, not of
who payed the flight ticket. In all cases, the passenger is entitled to compensation.

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From which airline can I expect the compensation?

Compensation is due from the operating airline which is not always the airline you
purchased the ticket from.

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May the airline reduce the compensation by 50%?

In case of a flight of more than 3500 km, if the arrival delay is more than 3 hours but
less than 4 hours the operating air carrier may reduce the amount of compensation
(based on the distance) by 50%.

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Is there a time limit to file a claim?

The right to compensation does expire. Generally a claim can be submitted up to 3
years after the date of the flight. However, the time limit varies from country to country
(e.g. in Hungary you have 5 years) or set by the airline in their GTCC (General Terms
and Conditions of Carriage).

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Can I submit a claim for other passengers as well?

Yes. During the registration of the case it is also possible to provide the data of fellow
passengers. Each passenger will receive a separate agreement with the relevant
data to sign.

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How do I know at which stage is my claim's enforcement stands?

You may receive information on the case by logging in on Flight Refund website.
After entering the e-mail address and password (set during registration) you can
check the current stage of the claiming process.

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How long does it take to receive the compenstion?

The duration of the process cannot be determined in advance, but clients may track
the previous and the actual status of their case on our website using their case id
(provided during registration).

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How much compensation can I receive through Flight Refund?

Depending on the length of the entire route, compensation may either be EUR 250,
400 or 600 per passenger.

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Why do I need Flight Refund?

Enforcing a claim, even under EC Regulation 261/2004, is a lengthy administrative
procedure and proper legal representation is essential. According to our experience
airlines often reject claims with various excuses. Flight Refund provides expert
assistance to complete the claiming process quickly and to ensure that the
compensation due is paid as soon as possible.

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For what flights is EC Regulation valid?

The Regulation applies to all air travel within the European Union by Community or
non-Community air carriers, as well as to any flight departing from the EU and arriving
outside the EU or departing from outside the EU and arriving in the EU. In the latter
case the operating air carrier has to be registered in the EU. The Regulation of the
European Communities is directly applicable and binding not only in Hungary, but in
all 27 EU Member States. Moreover, the rules apply in the countries of the European
Economic Area (EEA), thus in Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein plus Switzerland.

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What is EC Regulation 261/2004?

It is a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing common
rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding
and of cancellation or long delay of flights. (Regulation (EC) No 261/2004)

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When shall the airline offer ticket reimbursement?

In case of flight cancellation (even due to extraordinary circumstances) airlines shall
offer the passengers reimbursement of the full cost of ticket plus the additional costs
incurred in connection with the cancellation. In many cases, airlines offer a travel
voucher, but you are not obliged to accept it.

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When can I file a claim?

Under European Law (Reg. 261/2004) air passengers are entitled to compensation of
up to 600 EUR in the event of longer than 3 hours delay, cancellation or denied
boarding due to overbooking.

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