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Because nature is also entitled to compensation

The consequences of Climate Change are catastrophic! Let’s do our best for the Earth, as preserving nature is in everyone’s interest

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Climate Change is an undeniable fact. It’s certain that nature is changing as a result of human intervention. The fight against Climate Change is inevitable and all people should contribute to it. This is a noble goal and we must fight for it every day as the key to change is in our hands. The world’s greatest scientists state that this is the end which is our greatest fear. We have reached the limit beyond which our climate will change radically and our normal lives will be completely different that we do not want to live in. Climate Change has already begun but we have time to stop it.


IPCC warns that the planet is warming by 0,2 degrees Celsius every decade and this growth can reach 2 degrees Celsius by 2060. - IPCC warns

Forest fires, floods, melting ice sheets and more intense storms are the effects of few decimals of temperature rise. Imagine what will happen when the average temperature on Earth rises by 2 degrees.

These environmental disasters are the warning signs of what might happen if we do not stop Climate Change in time.

The worst-case scenario can be avoided by limiting global warming. This is the only way to reduce the frequency of extreme weather events.

The main goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit global warming. This objective is to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by preserving carbon sinks on Earth. Carbon sinks are natural systems that absorb more carbon than they release. The main natural carbon sinks are soil, plants and oceans. It is estimated that natural carbon sinks remove between 9,5 and 11 Gt of CO2 from the atmosphere per year. The annual global CO2 emissions hit 38Gt in 2019.

Figures show that forests can absorb one third of total CO2 emissions. Forest fires and logging reduce the carbon-absorbing capacity of forests.

Therefore, Flight Refund sets a goal with international organisation to reduce CO2 emissions.

Our aim is to draw the passengers’ attention to climate protection. You do not have to give up travelling, however you can contribute to reforestation through non-profit organisations supported by Flight Refund.

On our website you can use a flight calculator to determine the quantity of CO2 emissions that an aeroplane gives off per passenger for a given flight distance. These calculations encourage everyone to make a contribution to climate protection.

You can shape the future by offering a certain part of your compensation amount. Through your donation, you can finance high-quality climate protection projects of

If you want to support climate protection not by your compensation amount, you can donate directly to these organisations. They support projects that use renewable energies, cut CO2 emissions, as well as reforestation and new forest initiatives.

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