Have your place ever

been downgraded?

Have your place ever been downgraded?

If yes, what to do when you was placed in a class lower than that for which your ticket was purchased?

According to a current EU Regulation you may be entitled to a compensation if you were placed in a class lower than that for which your ticket was purchased. It means you are protected not only flight delays, cancellations and overbookings, but also against downgrades.

You have booked a first class ticket, but at the airport you realize that you’ll have to travel on business or economy class. Other scenario could be when you have booked business class, but there are no any seats left and you have to travel on economy class. If you experience such a case, you are entitled for fix amount compensation by EU law.

What amount are you entitled for?

EU Regulation 261/2004 establishes common rules on the compensation and assistance of the passengers. The compensation could be as much as 30%, 50% or – in some cases - even 75% of the purchase price of your ticket, as follows.

If you were downgraded on a flight of:

  1. 1500km or less then 30% of the cost of the affected flight must be refunded
  2. 1500km to 3500km then 50% of cost of the affected flight must be refunded
  3. of more than 3500km then 75% of the cost of the affected flight must be refunded

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How to proceed and get your money back?

First, you have the option of claiming for compensation yourself, which could be a long and burdensome legal process. It’s a fact that airlines often reject passengers’ claims. By doing so, they deny the compensation the passengers are entitled for.

Second, you can hire an attorney or law firm to represent you and enforce the claim for you, however it could be highly expensive comparatively, and you also risk that the legal professional does not have profound experience in this particular field of enforcement procedure.

Third, you may trust us, and Flight Refund provides professional help: it speeds up the legal process and ensures that the compensation can be paid as soon as possible.

We are here to help you out

Flight Refund is a claim compensation company with profound expertise and professional staff to represent you and get your money back! In details, Flight Refund has years of experience in succesfully collecting indemnity and all the legal and technological background to help represent your case against the airlines.

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